What We Can Do For You

Why Add Roof Life?

Beautify. Rejuvenate. Preserve.

Your asphalt shingles are constantly decaying losing their flexibility and performance. The asphalt in your shingles is designed for five functions:

  • • Stop water penetration
  • • Hold on to granules
  • • Expand and contract during heating and cooling
  • • Absorb hail impact
  • • Maintain flexibility during windstorms

Add Roof Life applies Shingle Aid, a renewable plant-based product to your shingles. Your shingles absorb 100% of our products, extending their life 5+ years by reviving their original designed functionality.

Save Money

Extending the life of your roof for a fraction of the new roof cost, saves families and investors thousands. 

Environmentally Conscience

  • • Renewable plant-based product
    (Shingle Aid)
  • • Reduce CO2 of making new shingles 
  • • Reduce landfill waste of used shingles 
Our Process

How it Works:

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    We'll Assess Your Roof

    Upon your inquiry, we will quickly provide an estimate based on the style and size of your roof. At an agreed time, we will arrive at your home for a visual inspection to ensure your roof is ready for treatment. If substantial repairs are required or the shingles are excessively deteriorated, we may refer you to a roofer.

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    We'll Apply the Product

    When the job is agreed to, we will arrive at your home at the scheduled time. If necessary, we will clean your roof from debris. If there are substantial algae, the shingles may need to be washed prior to treatment.

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    Five Years Guarantee

    After treatment your roof will immediately look beautiful and rejuvenated to its original color. You will notice a large reduction in the granules on your deck or sidewalk after every rainstorm. Your shingles will be revived, more flexible and durable.

Our team is dedicated to please you with courteous and professional service.
We will ensure your property is left more beautiful than when we arrived.



Our product will provide protection against the harsh elements like Fire, Wind & Hail.



If you're not happy, we're not happy.



We arrive on time, complete the job and leave your home enhanced.



Our product, Shingle Aid, is a proprietary renewable plant based oil.

Which is more cost effective?

Let's Do the Math Together

0 y

In the Texas heat, roofs are commonly replaced before it reaches 20 years (often sooner).

0 k

The cost of a new roof can range between $10,000-$30,000 or more.

0 +

A single treatment will extend the roof life 5+ years (25% of the 20 year life)

0 %

A treatment is often 10% of the cost of a new roof

Rejuvenation treatment



Slow or Stop Granule Loss