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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Add Roof Life Really Work?

    Yes it does. Our products, Shingle Aid® and Shingle Aid+®, have been reviving roofs and satisfying homeowners for years. 

  • How does Shingle Aid® work?

    Our 100% active plant based oil is immediately absorbed by the shingle’s asphalt filling to the pours of the dried out asphalt improving granule adhesion, flexibility and durability. Your roof will look and perform better immediately. 

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    Our standard cost is $0.65 per square foot of roof surface. Keep in mind that size of your roof is commonly larger that the size of your home. The cost may vary based on the design and difficulty to access your roof. If the roof must be prepped prior to treatment the potential additional cost will be quoted.

  • Will Add Roof Life Change the Color of My Roof?

    Add Roof Life will revive the shingles closer to their original color. 

  • Will Add Roof Life Void the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

    We are not aware of Shingle Aid® affecting any manufacturers warranty. 

  • Can I Treat my New Roof?

    Shingle Aid® is a rejuvenation oil. It is not recommended for a roof less than 4 years old. 

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